Inquiry-based Learning

Wesley School employs a play-based inquiry curriculum with content rooted in the local characteristics of Hangzhou to enhance children’s interest in the learning experience. Inquiry learning focuses on learners’ participation and experience to promote their agency in the learning process. The goal is not necessarily to find the only correct answer, but rather to find a solution to the problem. The process of inquiry learning not only covers the knowledge of the five areas of learning (health, language, society, science, art), but also enhances the children’s self-management skills, ways of thinking, research techniques, communication skills and social competence. It also promotes children’s curiosity and develops their self-confidence, concentration, creativity, ability to reflect and other desirable learning abilities. Wesley School children use their own initiative and will, and take responsibility and ownership of their learning in order to become inquirers, thinkers and communicators. We strive to help Wesley School students to become open-minded and to be risk-takers. We help them to become principled, caring, reflective, knowledgeable, and balanced, globally minded individuals. Our active learning style helps maintain each child’s enthusiasm toward learning. Wesley School’s core values emphasize how to be honest and trustworthy, to care for others and to respect school guidelines. We want our students to become self-actualized lifelong learners who can successfully respond to a changing world.